A busy end to 2018... and a busy start to 2019!

Well hey guys!

It sure has been quiet on this here blog since we saw you last, eh? You might have noticed a couple changes on the website - thank you for paying attention, dear reader - and there’s plenty more of those to come! Anyway, there’s lots to fill y’all in on, so we’ll just get to it…



We tied the knot on 20th October there, and it was simultaneously the most fun and most exhausting day of our young lives. We now recommend serious post-wedding rest to any of our friends, family or clients who’re getting hitched! So yes, that took up much of our time and energy during the second half of 2018. We still played a fair few ceilidhs during autumn and Hogmanay (that’s Scots for New Year), and Christmas is always a busy time for churchgoing musicians - Grace played at least 6 carol services in December, with Al joining her for 4 of them!

Naturally, our decision after all that craic was to take it easy for a wee while. HAH, no - we went to Skye for a week and planned our next exciting adventure…



Technically, we’re already halfway through making the EP, because things started snowballing a whole lot sooner than we expected - so if you don’t follow us on social media, you’ll have possibly missed this news. It took 10 days of studio time, with some wonderful pals and colleagues pitching in from across the country. All five tracks are recorded, mixed and mastered. An amazing illustrator friend of ours is currently drafting out some album artwork for us, whilst we get our heads around everything else, including launching a Crowdfunder!

Watch this space, and follow @twofarflung on social platforms for MUCH ongoing info about the EPic (sorry) process of making our first record!

And just to keep you interested, because the above is clearly not exciting enough in this age of Instagram stories, swiping and millennial attention spans…


YYYYYEEEEEAAAA- you get the idea.

Speak soon y’all!

A&G xxx

Overthrowing the Cavern Club for a day...

We're heading to Liverpool next week to perform at the fantastically-named "International Pop Overthrow Festival".  Micah Gilbert - an American singer/songwriter now based on the Isle of Skye - has invited us to be part of his band for a couple of gigs at The Cavern Club, a venue famous for housing many of The Beatles' first shows. 

We love Micah and his music.  This January we spent a couple days at his and Suzanne’s house, recording, drinking coffee and eating incredible homemade pumpkin pie.  Happy days indeed.  So we're super excited to be going on the road with them to England!

If you’re near Liverpool, come along!  And if you know folk who might be interested, please do share the info with them:

  • Tuesday May 16th

    • 4:15pm Cavern Pub (free)

    • 11:30pm Cavern Club front stage (£2-4)

And you can hear some of Micah’s music at: www.micahgilbert.bandcamp.com

Grace Walker
Welcome to our new website!

Our friends and family have been wondering when this would happen as it’s been a long time in the making, so we’re thrilled to have finally launched Two Far Flung’s website!  Welcome to our news page, and thank you for visiting the site.  Do take a look around: there’s information about us as a duo, as a bookable band and as individuals; videos; tour dates; audio; photos… The contact page shows how you can get in touch with us, and we’re also on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube and BandsInTown (see the icons below).  Watch this space, and do join our mailing list to be kept in the loop.  Thanks to everyone who’s pushed us on to making this work, we’re excited to see what lies ahead…


Al & Grace x

Grace Walker